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By Peter Zubler, Executive Director

 As the need for donations continues to increase and our staff adjusts to new ways of operating in this COVID climate, we have made changes to how we collect donations. While the changes were initially to accommodate our lower volunteer levels, they have actually made the entire process easier on everyone—staff, volunteers and donors.

One of our first changes was to make more blue donation bins available throughout the city. These new bins have been delivered through the Council by some very special volunteers, and we’re grateful for their support. Today, we have 30 donation bins throughout Central Indiana. (Find one near you at

Located in parish parking lots, these blue bins provide an easy and convenient way for people to donate soft goods—items like clothing, linens and shoes. When the pandemic first started, volunteers were understandably scarce, and the bins filled quickly as people took the extra time at home to clean out rooms and closets.

In addition to placing more bins throughout Indy, we’ve created a regular pick-up schedule, with dedicated staff emptying bins on a weekly basis. Previously, bins were emptied when learned that they were getting full. This shift has allowed our distribution center to improve its operations as well. With a more even flow of donations, distribution staff and volunteers are able to keep up with donations—sorting, cleaning or repairing donations so they can be given to our neighbors in need or sent to one of our Mission 27 stores for resale.

This new process has also freed up our staff and volunteers who focus on large donation pick-ups such as furniture or major appliances. Additionally, it’s created a clear framework for how to donate depending on the size and type of your donation.

Soft goods

(i.e., shoes, clothing and linens)

Bin locator:

Drop off at our Distribution Center
1201 E. Maryland Street

Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm*

Large items

(i.e., furniture or major appliances)

Call 317-687-1006 to schedule a pick-up.

Pick-up Days: Tuesday-Saturday

Household items

(i.e. small appliances, dishes, pots and pans)

Drop off at our Distribution Center
1201 E. Maryland StreetMonday-Saturday 10am-4pm 

*Receiving docks are at the back (south) side of the building on Georgia Street.


We hope you’ll find these changes easier to donate—or volunteer, if you’re interested in getting involved.

For a current listing of SVdP’s wish list of needed donations, go to You can also find a list of items that are not accepted.