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Despite all of the generous donations we receive from the community, we find ourselves experiencing a shortage in many areas for our neighbors in need. Following is a list of our immediate needs:

  • Boy’s Clothing–Sizes 6-18
  • Men’s Jeans
  • Pots and Pans
  • Dishes
  • Silverware
  • Used Adult Bicycles (we repair them)

Please check your closets, dresser drawers, basements, and garages for any of these items you no longer need so we can get them in the hands of those who do. You can drop them off at our dock at 1201 E. Maryland Street.

Why have items collecting dust when someone else can appreciate them? Thank you so much for your generosity. Questions? Comtact Darlene Sweeney, 317-924-5769, ext. 238.