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The opportunity to give back is so empowering—especially when you have benefited from the help and kindness of others. When you have been a recipient, it’s natural to want to pay it forward, as the saying goes. In fact, we have many people with disabilities who love to come to SVdP Indy for this very reason.

“Individuals with disabilities are often on the receiving end of services,” explains Peter Zubler, SVdP executive director. “Volunteering with SVdP provides wonderful opportunities to give back to others and be a contributor—and that’s extremely powerful.”

And their contributions have a meaningful impact.

“We are so grateful to have these partnerships. All these volunteers work very hard repackaging food items and put a smile on our faces, too,” says Darlene Sweeney, director of Volunteer Services.

Additionally, Zubler says the volunteering is an opportunity for skill-building. For many people with disabilities, volunteerism is also a form of vocational training, where individuals can learn and practice being part of a team, following instructions, adhering to a schedule, and effectively communicating and interacting with others.

“We are so honored having all of these individuals and groups volunteer with us,” Zubler says. “We strongly believe we’re a better community when we’re more inclusive, working together to share our gifts and talents with each other and in particular those who are in the most need.”

“We are thankful for our friends at St Vincent de Paul for believing in our mission, seeing the ability of each friend at Gigi’s Playhouse and setting expectations high. It’s community partnerships like these where we can showcase inclusion and acceptance for all individuals in our community.” ~ Molly Brumleve, Gigi’s Playhouse

“I really like going to St. Vincent de Paul because we get to experience something different every day. No matter what we’re doing we get to put smiles on people’s faces.” ~ Adria, New Hope of Indiana

“I like the people I work with there. It’s fun doing different jobs each time we go.”
~ Erica, New Hope of Indiana

Perry Meridian Schools:
• Loves working with her friends. ~ Sarah
• Loves to help people in the community, and likes to tear down the boxes. ~ Connor
• Loves Mr. Bob and talking with him on Monday’s, he likes putting bags together. ~ Eli
• Loves to help get things ready for shopping on Tuesday. ~ Brian

“Our group is really enjoying the volunteer work at the food pantry. They are following directions well, and just happy to give back.” ~ Dan Jonas, Outside The Box

“Our group has been volunteering for a few years now and love every minute of it. Just getting the opportunity to learn new skills and grow socially all while helping within the community is a blessing.” ~ Leta Sarver, Blueprint Day Services

“Everyone always greets my kids and says, ‘Thanks for coming today!’ It makes the kids feel very special.” ~ Mrs. Milholland, Perry Meridian Schools

The groups who regularly volunteer with us include:
• Applied Behavior Center
• Arsenal Tech High School
• Beech Grove High School
• Blueprint Day Services
• Bosma (STEP Program)
• Gigi’s Playhouse
• Huser Special Care
• Indiana School for the Blind
• My Noble Life
• New Hope of Indiana
• Outside the Box
• Perry Meridian High School
• Shortridge High School
• The Beckley Group
• The Hope Source
• The Tangram Way
• Warren Central High School