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The Society of St Vincent de Paul offers a free program to individuals in poverty who want to change their lives for the better and leave poverty. This program involves a commitment to attend a three-hour session each week for 18 weeks with 13 other people. Supplies are provided. Currently, there are five parishes in Indianapolis with a total of 65 people developing specific plans to change their lives. For this program to be successful, we desperately need volunteers to be mentors to those asking for support after they graduate in early summer.

Think about becoming a mentor to someone who has worked hard for 18 weeks to develop a plan to improve his or her life and needs only your advice six hours per month (you set the times) for one year. It only takes four hours to be trained.

For further information about becoming a mentor in the Changing Lives Program, contact either Joe Doll, 317-919-1419, or Domoni Rouse, Director of Changing Lives, 317-985-2149, ext 219.