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Last month, SVdP Indy held a special Remembrance Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral to honor SVdP volunteers and friends who have passed in the last two years. It was a beautiful gathering that recognized the following individuals:

Holy Spirit
Kenneth Becker

Immaculate Heart of Mary
Robert Sparks

Little Flower
Mary Skinner

Mission 27 Resale
Melissa Murray

OLPH (New Albany)
Daniel “Dan” Becher

St. Ann
Fran Lay
Ronald Rickelman

St. Gabriel
Linda Dalton
Denise Medenwald

St. Joan of Arc
Eddie Hendricks
Carl Henn
Jennifer Williams
Carol Zeltner

St. Joseph
Tom Clements
Louise David

St. Jude
William Billerman
Jean Magnant
Generose Mahoney
Cecelia Schultz

St. Lawrence
Carole Bowles
Jane York
St. Mark
Don Allen
Roger Auger
Neal Bauer
Don Bundy
Loretta Dunn
Mike George
Charlie Gregory
Pat Henn
Fran McGuire
Kathleen Rapp
Thea Scott
Terry Wenzel

St. Michael the Archangel
Andrew Orr

St. Paul the Apostle (Greencastle)
Susan Frantz
Bob White

St. Paul Catholic Center (Bloomington)
Gayle Tieman

St. Philip Neri
Richard Sommer

St. Pius X
Jacqueline French
Marie Remedios

St. Rita
Loretta Blaylock

St. Roch
Patricia Mayer

St. Thomas Aquinas
Allen Ewing
Jean Laura Gibson
Barbara Hubbs
John “Jack” Oliver
Frances “Frankie” Starlin

St. Thomas Moore
Elizabeth Koschnick
David Rihm

SVdP Parish (Shelbyville)
David Beyer

Gina Hughey