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The Society of St Vincent de Paul offers a free program to individuals who want to work toward having a better quality of life. Most people don’t choose to live in poverty but don’t have the tools or education to plan for a new tomorrow. Attendees of the Changing Lives Forever Program will be developing a plan with specific goals for a better future during the 18- week course. They work in groups of 14 and attend a three-hour session once a week.

This year, 10 parishes in Indianapolis will be hosting a Changing Lives Forever program, which means 140 people will be developing specific plans to change their lives! Upon graduation, they are offered the opportunity to have a trained mentor to help them with their plan. A mentor can make a difference when change gets really hard—the difference between giving up or moving forward with hope and faith.

We will be needing volunteers who would like to be a trained mentor to someone who has graduated. Training involves (2) two-hour classes. Your commitment to the graduate is six hours per month (you set the times) for one year.

For further information about being a mentor, call either Joe Doll, 317-919-1419, or Domoni Rouse, Director of Changing Lives, 317-924-5769, Ext 219.