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By Shirley Boardman, Volunteer Secretary

We served 217 households with food for November. During the month of November we offered each family a turkey or turkey breast. For December we offered either a choice of turkey, turkey breast or ham. In total we distributed 220 turkey/turkey breasts and 150 hams. Some families don’t have the means to cook any of the items and accepted other meat as an option.

We are wrapping up the reporting for Christmas Celebration 2022. 543 children were provided gifts, toys, books, clothing, and personal care items. Many community organizations contributed towards the massive amount of items we assembled. Brown County Sheriff’s Department, Nashville Chamber of Commerce, St. David’s Episcopal Church, St. Barnabas School, Church of the Lakes, Tri Kappa, St. Agnes Catholic Church, the Nashville Light Parade and dozens of private donors and merchants. More than 60 different individuals volunteered time in setting up, helping the families and working in the parking lot to manage the flow of traffic. Theresa and her volunteers now start the process for planning for Christmas 2023.

The new building now has a roof. Anthony and his family and friends continue to work any day that weather permits. Additional materials have been ordered and we are seeking the skilled craftsmen where needed.

One of our volunteers, Terry, worked with a friend to secure several loads of firewood for January distribution. Many of our families burn wood either as their only source of heat or as supplemental to other fuel. We are grateful for this priceless donation.

Learn more on the Society of St Vincent de Paul – Brown County website. Volunteers are always needed.