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By Darlene Sweeney, Director of Volunteer Services

SVdP Indy is excited to announce we will be implementing a new volunteer management system in 2024. The new system will give us the capacity to:

  • Easily coordinate our volunteers across all jobs and locations
  • Communicate with our volunteers
  • Prepare more detailed reports
  • Include emergency information and track safeguarding, background checks, driver’s licenses and more as appropriate

Initially, the new system will include volunteers at the Food Pantry (including intake and home delivery) and the Distribution Center (including Neighbor Services). When these two locations are fully operational, we will expand to include all locations and programs that utilize volunteers.


  • All regular volunteers will have to enroll in the new system. This will only require 3-5 minutes of their time and occurs only once.
  • We will provide enrollment information so you can enroll from your home, mobile device, or any of the workstations set up at the Food Pantry and Distribution Center. We will provide assistance, as needed.
  • Enrollment will be available for volunteers starting in spring 2024.

Signing Up to Volunteer

Once we go live with the new system, signing up to volunteer will continue to be through our SVdP Indy website, which will take volunteers to our new volunteer management system. We will provide more detailed information as we get closer to implementation.

This is going to be a wonderful tool for all of us, provide more accurate volunteer information, and save time for all involved.