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Donations are greatly appreciated and essential to our mission.  In order to keep everyone safe due to the dramatic rise in COVID cases within our community, SVdP Indy is adopting a no-contact pickup of furniture, bagged or boxed clothing, shoes and other small household items. This is effective immediately and will continue until further notice.


  1. Place items (including furniture) in a sheltered location such as a covered porch, carport, or accessible garage. Donations should be placed outside by 7:30 a.m. on your day of pickup.
  2. If outdoor shelter is not available, please leave items outside in an easily accessible area, protected from weather damage, and clearly marked for donation to SVdP Indy.
  3. If it is raining or has the potential to rain on the day of your pickup, please plan to wait to receive notice from your driver about our truck’s approximate ETA prior to putting items outside, and then please protect them with a tarp or some other covering to keep them dry. Items damaged by weather cannot be accepted for donation.
  4. Our donation drivers will be unable to enter any buildings where masking and social distancing are not possible. If these conditions do not exist when our drivers arrive we regretfully will not be able to pick up your donations. Please understand this is for your safety as well as for the safety of our drivers.
  5. For those wishing for an in-home donation pickup we recommend utilizing ReSupply and their teams of affordable, professional movers. For pricing and scheduling please contact Resupply directly.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and understanding at this time.