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After seeing a local television station’s feature on FAME (Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism), SVdP Distribution Center Director Skip McCulley had an idea. He called the FAME Indianapolis office—located just down the road from the Distribution Center—and immediately got connected to Barry Reed, Director of Mission Resources.

Skip explained that Distribution Center periodically received donations of crutches, folded walkers, wheelchairs and even hospital beds. The problem, he explained, is that SVdP didn’t have a need for them, yet Skip didn’t want them to go to waste. FAME was quick to accept the items—the organization provides medical equipment and medicines to missionary teams working in approximately 40 different developing countries around the world. Every donated item helps.

“The donated medical supplies equip all the doctors, nurses and missionaries we partner with,” Barry explains. “Even more, these items enable us to use humanitarian medical care to connect people to a relationship with Christ.”

What was even more exciting is that the relationship between SVdP and FAME has become a reciprocal one. At times, items come into FAME that they can’t use, or they simply aren’t practical in less developed countries.

“One example is shower chairs. Our teams don’t use them, but they are needed items right here in our community,” Barry explains, “They aren’t covered by Medicaid but are a needed item for elderly or disabled individuals.”

Now, every few weeks or so, it seems either Skip or Barry is calling the other to let them know more items are heading their way. Of course, the real winners are those served by both organizations.

Have medical equipment to donate?

If you have medical supplies or gently used medical equipment to donate, you can drop them off at FAME (4545 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203) Monday – Friday between 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. If you have large items, you may want to call (317-358-2480) first and make sure there will be enough people there to assist you.