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At SVdP Indy, we work hard to be a good steward of every single donation that comes to us. When we receive items at our Distribution Center, we examine them to determine where it can do the most good. Donated items are first routed to our unsheltered outreach ministries, as well as to neighbors who reach out to us for furniture, appliances and clothing. Additionally, donations are sold at our Mission 27 Resale stores, where proceeds are used to help fund these very ministries with its profit. And if items can’t be used with our ministries or in our stores, then we often share them with our local non-profit partners. One of those partners is Asset Recycling.

Asset Recycling, a division of Youth Fair Chance, Inc., is a non-profit organization that works to salvage usable building materials. By providing items at 50% off retail, Asset Recycling makes it more affordable for families to do home repairs, remodel or make their homes safer. Additionally, their efforts are reducing the number of building materials that end up in landfills—which is conservatively estimated at 8,500 tons annually.

Asset Recycling receives most of its donations from builders, big box stores and lumber companies who find themselves in excess of items they can’t turn over or are out of focus for their clientele. While we can’t provide the same magnitude of items, SVdP Indy has become one of Asset Recycling’s donation partners.

Sometimes we receive things at the Distribution Center which are in new or in good condition, but they simply are not applicable to the way we serve our neighbors. Donating these types of materials to Asset Recycling is the perfect solution—it ensures the donation is used by someone who needs it, while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Asset Recycling has a variety of materials at a portion of the cost—and the inventory is constantly changing! If you visit one of their three locations in Indianapolis, Cincinnati or Lexington, you’ll find materials like:

  • Cabinet doors
  • Door hardware
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Floor tile
  • Carpet
  • Light fixtures
  • Door locks
  • Vanities
  • Cabinets
  • New appliances
  • AC units
  • Plumbing supplies

Want to Donate?

Asset Recycling is always interested in receiving building materials that are new or in good condition. If you have items you’d like to donate, you may want to call Asset Recycling first at 317-635-7774 to ensure the organization would accept your item. (No mattresses, please.)

You can receive the allowable tax incentives for your contributions. Even more, you’ll help individuals and families—especially low- to moderate-income residents—find affordable building materials for home renovation or improvements.

Follow Asset Recycling on Facebook to learn more about what they have in stock!