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By Peter Zubler, Executive Director

The donations we receive from the community are critical to our ability to support our neighbors in need. We simply wouldn’t be able to care for as many as we do without the continued generosity of donors like you. However, we do have limitations on what we are able to pick up. Due to safety concerns, we limit pickups to items placed either outside the residence, in garages or on the main level. We also have an approximate two-week lead time on pickups. On top of this, due to size or condition, we cannot use every item that’s donated. Yet, like you, we want to repurpose as much as possible—if not for our neighbors, then for others in need in our local communities. That’s why we’re excited about our new partnership with Resupply.

We learned about Resupply at the SVdP National Conference this year. Resupply is a veteran-founded organization that began on a military base in Georgia. Founder Paul Tocci was looking for a simpler way for military families to donate their gently used goods to non-profit thrift stores. Quickly, Paul realized this was an issue faced by families across America, so he set out to help non-profits all over the country receive more donations, by making giving simple.

Resupply Partnership

Several other SVdP organizations around the country already partner with them and have found the collaboration to be one that:

  • Brings greater efficiency
  • Eases the burden on the volunteers who pick up items or sort them
  • Ensures items are delivered to non-profits that can use them, or disposed of in an ethical way

This partnership doesn’t mean that SVdP won’t pick up items any longer—it simply means you now have two options for your donation pickup. (Or in some cases, an option where you didn’t have one before since we limit where and what we pick up.)

How It Works

  • You contact Resupply and they arrange to pick up your gently-used items within 48 hours. (Resupply offers full PPE-protected movers and are completely COVID-compliant.)
  • You are charged a small fee by Resupply, which is less than what you’d pay for a moving company.
  • Resupply brings eligible items to SVdP.
  • What SVdP cannot use is delivered to other non-profit organizations in the area that can use your items.

If you have large items (i.e., furniture, major appliances) that you want to donate, you have two options. Use the chart below to determine the best option for donation pickup.

Regular Pickup Priority Pickup
  • Managed by SVdP staff
  • Pickup days: Tues-Sat 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Pickups typically scheduled two weeks out
  • Only accept items that can be given to SVdP neighbors or sold at Mission 27 (see “Items Not Accepted” section)
  • Items must be located on the main level
  • Items must be disassembled prior to pickup
  • No cost

To schedule a pickup, call SVdP at 317-687-1006.

  • Managed by Resupply (a SVDP partner)
  • Pickup days: Tues-Sat
  • Pickups within 48 hours
  • All items accepted—eligible items donated to SVdP or another local non-profit, with ethical disposal of remaining items
  • Item retrieval from anywhere (i.e. basement, upstairs, storage unit)
  • Disassembly of items (except doors, cabinets or lighting)
  • Estates, whole house cleanout
  • Small fee* charged, which is less than moving company/junk hauler fee

Schedule a priority pickup

*Fee not tax deductible

Your Donations at Work
We know that you have items you want reused and recycled, and we’re grateful to be considered as an option for those donations. Every day, we’re sharing donated items with our neighbors in need—and they are making a great difference in their lives. We also upcycle many of the donations, reselling them in our Mission 27 stores. Proceeds from our stores go toward funding the SVdP’s food pantries and Changing Lives Forever program, which teaches people how to become economically self-sufficient so they can break generational cycles of poverty.

We hope our new partnership with Resupply will make giving to our neighbors in need even easier!