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Have finalized and submitted the application for establishing the St. Augustine Conference in Jeffersonville, which includes the parishes of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Augustine. President was elected and officers assigned. Will be working with the St. Anthony Conference for training St. Augustine Conference members in conducting home visits.

Created status report on our Standard of Excellence assessments for the District as of December 31, 2023.

Previously submitted the application form for the institution of our District Council. Still waiting for a response/approval.

Working with local emergency management agency and other service organizations to provide emergency shelters in Harrison County.

Our next District Council meeting is scheduled for February 12, 2024.

Report submitted by Jim Koerber

Completed and submitted the annual report which indicates that we have increased our support of our neighbors in need and that we are well-positioned to do even more as we enter this next year. As part of our Christmas efforts, we provided over 300 angel tree gifts for area youth and took a large food basket (three boxes of canned/boxed foods, a fully cooked ham, a pound of hamburger, and steak) to 50 area families. During our search for donated furniture storage facilities, we were able to identify a family that is providing a large storage unit free of charge, which will help our increasing used furniture distribution ministry.

OLPH helped 34 adults and 35 children with assistance during December through January 18, 2024. We helped our neighbors with $2,457 with rental assistance and $1,947.21 with utility assistance. We have used all of our grant funds from the Caesars Foundation and from the Lions Club.

In November we assisted 331 neighbors with meals, that totally consisted of 87 families, 156 adults, 99 children, 66 seniors and 8 veterans. An additional 76 people were assisted with rent or utility. In December our conference assisted 363 people with meals, that total reflects 95 adults, 171 children, 88 seniors and 12 veterans. Another 23 individuals were helped with rent or utilities. Seven families in December were assisted with Christmas presents from out of pocket donations from some of our members. One family was assisted with vouchers and furniture donations in December after an apartment fire forced them to move. On the weekend of 1-12 through 1-14 a flood occurred in the basement of the parish office where our pantry is housed. By the grace of God, no product was damaged. However, Service Master was called in with equipment to dry and clean the areas affected.

From 10-1-23 to 11-22-23 we have had 11 calls for help, assisted 9 families (18 adults, 16 children). Of the 9 calls, 7 were first time callers. Membership is at 11 (2 associate) and we had a prospective member attend our last regular meeting, her mother and uncle are members. We do home visits in most cases and our finances are fair, which is normal for our conference this time of year. Our national database was just updated 11-21-23 and we have filed for aggregation and awaiting response.

Our Conference finished the 2023 year with 80 calls helping 74 households for November and December. We were able to provide $9,747.48 in Rent and Utility assistance. Our “Make a Home”, In-kind program continues to provide donated needed items for Neighbors homes. We recently collaborated with our local Knights of Columbus, who has provided us with some storage space for larger donated items. The conference met at the Knights of Columbus in December for dinner, friendship, and spirituality.

Calls are running about 50 a month. We helped 10 households and 30 neighbors for $1041.08 in December.

From 11/29/23 through 1/18/24 we have assisted 13 families which included 14 adults and 22 children for rent and utilities. Assistance total was $2095.51. We have been receiving fewer calls in the last month. A few of our members have completed safeguarding training and have received their picture IDs. A couple of our members have initiated the background check process.