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Location of Meeting:
Our Lady of Greenwood

Present at Meeting:
Bill Booher – Holy Rosary
Ofelia Delgado – St. Patrick
Margaret Foster – Our Lady of Greenwood
Charlie Gardner – Nativity
Rosemary Gliem – Holy Name of Jesus
Wayne Heisig – Good Shepherd
Mary Masengale – St. Mark
Paul Matheis – St. Jude
Lori Tobin – St. Roch
Mag Zauner – St. Barnabas

Bill opened the meeting at 6:34pm.

Bill led the opening prayer.

I. Approval of Agenda
Agenda was distributed.

II. Review of Previous Minutes
The minutes from the last meeting, 10/10/23, were not reviewed.

III. Council and Conference Issues

All SVDP Officers are located at the Love Your Neighbor Center (LYNC) and the Changing Lives Forever staff is also located there.

All telephone numbers remain the same. Gennesaret, a free walk-in clinic, is located at the pantry.

Orientation for new employees working at the warehouse and pantry will be held at the LYNC. Most of the employees are volunteers but some of them are paid.

Bus passes will be available at the end of January 2024; SVDP has a contract with IndyGo.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is partnering with SVDP.

Warehouse needs volunteers to help sort clothes.
Currently, the warehouse is scheduling 6 – 8 weeks out to get basic household items and is working on a 2 – 4 day time period to contact clients.
Hayden’s used appliances delivers for free.

Jim Perron is the new manager of the food pantry.

Bill passed out the certificates; if there are any problems, contact Pat Jerrell.

Margaret volunteered to be our Vice President.
Thank you, Margaret!

Wayne led the discussion and asked if the Conference Presidents are receiving the Contemplation emails. He asked what feedback we are getting regarding those. Spiritual Advisors can share the Contemplation emails with conference members. Wayne passed out a sheet from the Spirituality/Formation Team regarding resources to assist conferences on the element of spirituality.

Safe & Secure is not up and running yet but a picture ID can be obtained at the LYNC.

Epiphany Breakfast – RSVP if planning to attend.

Wayne led the closing prayer and read from the Contemplation: Gifted.

IV. Next Meeting
The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, February 8th, 6:30pm., at Holy Name.

Bill adjourned the meeting at 7:37pm.

During Oct. & Nov. the St. Jude Conference accomplished the following:
Our School Halloween Food Drive resulted in the donation of 1,800 food items which we delivered to the 30th St. Food Pantry.

We provided the names of 20 families that received Thanksgiving Food Baskets donated and prepared by our School students.

Our SVdP Parish bedding and coat drive resulted in 3 van loads of donations which were delivered to the Distribution Center.

Our Conference made 23 Home Visits which assisted 31 adults and 32 children.
We provided rent and utility assistance to 21 families made up of 31 adults and 37 children.

All combined, we provided direct assistance to 131 individuals in our Parish.

For Sacred Heart (October/November):
Working home visits and rental/utility assistance needs. Completed home visits for families that will shop at the Christmas Store and worked with Wishing Well on family referrals to that agency.

Continuing to provide a bag of
toiletries on our home visits (about $25 worth). Sacred Heart parish did a toiletry drive for us.

Our newest member completed Ozanam training.

Visited Bethany Village Nursing Home in October, provided snacks, toiletries for residents, and played games.

Good Shepherd Conference October-November Activity report

During the months of October-November 2023 Good Shepherd Conference received 76 requests for assistance.

During the months of October-November 2023 Good Shepherd Conference processed 70 requests which 2 of our neighbors were not able to be contacted.

During October and November, we assisted 17 neighbors in need.
Charlie Gardner is the new conference president. Karen Foreshee is the new secretary.

Annual collection of items for the distribution center was held on Oct. 29 with large bins set up in the church gathering space.
Parish webpage for SVDP has been redesigned and updated. See

We are beginning a “PPS” strategic initiative for the parish to enhance the PROFILE of the conference and to elicit broader PARTICIPATION in and financial SUPPORT of its activities.

We have adopted a new logo for the Nativity Conference based on the SVDP Indy logo:

The St. Roch conference has responded to numerous utility and warehouse calls; prepared and submitted the annual report; held a blanket and sheet drive; purchased 100 kitchen and bath towel sets for the Distribution Center; assisted 10 families for Thanksgiving; set up 9 appointments for the Christmas store; discussed the book, A Heart on Fire at their Spiritual meetings; renewed the Vincentian Promise & Prayer; five members continue weekly volunteer work at the Distribution Center and we are preparing for the Epiphany Breakfast to be held in January.

  1. We helped 22 clients this reporting period providing rent, utility assistance, furniture, food and household items
  2. Submitted 8 families for Wishing Well Christmas Delivery
  3. Distributed 50 coats during Literacy Night at St Mark School
  4. Submitted Annual Report for 2023
  • Continuing to provide financial help for utilities.
  • Conducting home visits and making referrals to the warehouse.
  • Providing financial help for food assistance.
  • Volunteering hours in answering help line calls.
  • Provided food for Thanksgiving to needy families.
  • Referred families to the Christmas Store.
  • Conducted a parish-wide gift drive to supply the Christmas Store.