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Local Vincentians are probably very familiar with Bob White. Bob is in his sixth year as president of the North District of the Indianapolis Council of SVdP. In that role, he also serves on the board of the Boulevard Place Pantry. This allows him to serves as a link between the two organizations, particularly since he is in regular communications with the pantry director.

Bob serves in another role as the Boulevard Place Pantry’s social media coordinator. He works with me on content for Facebook—documenting all activities at the pantry so we can keep our donors, supporters, religious organization and allies informed and engaged in the mission. Communications are so vital, especially with our renovation and expansion, which are just a few more months away from completion!

The North District has 10 parishes:

  • Christ the King
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • Joan of Arc
  • Andrew
  • Luke
  • Matthew
  • Pius X
  • Peter and Paul
  • Rita
  • Thomas Aquinas

The North District is the home of one Special Work: the Boulevard Place Food Pantry. The pantry was organized and is operated by five of the ten parishes—Christ the King, St. Joan of Arc, Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Luke and St. Thomas Aquinas.

“It all seems to work well, but in many ways that’s also because we are all on the same page. We want to help people in need,” says Bob.

Conferences provide food donations—as well as financial contributions—to the Boulevard Place Pantry. And the Council provides support in a variety of ways, including insuring the building and making the pantry part of the Council’s 501(c)(3) status. This relationships requires fewer administrative tasks, enabling our food pantry director to focus on the work at hand: providing food to those in need.

The biggest joy Bob gets is working with the many people who care about others and want to help in tangible ways.

“The many different ways—big and small—that Vincentians support people are amazing,” Bob says. “I’ve gotten to know people from other parishes, and it helps me realize just how many caring people there are in our community. All the ways that people put their faith into action is inspiring.”