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As the steadily-improving 2012 economy in our Indiana communities provided some much-needed employment opportunities for many of our citizens, too many others are still unemployed or underemployed, and are in need of basic necessities to survive. Our all-volunteer ministries continued to accept God’s blessings from those who “have” and help those who “need.”

To that end, our Indianapolis Client Choice Pantry continued to provide food items to an average of 3,200 families EACH WEEK (23,000 different households over the past year). Our Indianapolis Distribution Center provided over $1M in household items, particularly bedding and appliances, to about 4,500 families in need, and another 4,000
homeless people received a hot meal, clothing and personal care items through our Beggars for the Poor ministry.

Our Society’s 2,000 Active and Associate members from 48 parish Conferences in Central and Southern Indiana followed up on more than 12,600 requests for assistance over the past year. Thanks to your generous financial and in-kind donations to the Society, totaling a record $1.83M, along with the $917K in contributions to our parish Conferences from parishioners “in the pews,” we’ve been able to sustain our services to those in need in Indianapolis, as well as expand our services in Southern Indiana.

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