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If you become a part of this program, you will better understand yourself and your relationship to the rest of the world: your family and friends, your neighborhood, the police, social service agencies and more. We have partners (i.e., mentors, training, etc.) that offer opportunities beyond our program. Consider joining us because your movement toward a better future will begin in the very first session.

If you can commit to...

  • 18 weeks, one day a week for 3 hours
  • Being on time and staying for the entire 3-hour session every week
  • Being an active member in the group
  • Respecting everyone in the group
  • NEVER coming to a session under the influence of drugs or alcohol

And you agree to read, discuss and complete homework assignments on...

  • Causes of poverty
  • Where you are in life now
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your own resources
  • Community resources
  • Planning for a better future

Then we will...

  • Provide lunch/dinner at every session
  • Help with gas/bus fare
  • Respect you and your privacy
  • Not push our ideas on you
  • Support your journey toward changing your life forever
If you are ready, then please:
  1. Select up to TWO locations that would be most convenient for you.  We will contact you about a class that fits your schedule and location.
  2. Complete and click to submit this application
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We will contact you. Please be patient while we try to make the best match for you. Thank you.

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